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MORE'S CITY 横須賀中央駅前


We have some tax free shops at YOKOSUKA MORE'S CITY.


Show your passport at the following shops.

For fireign customers only.


The tax exemption program exempts the Japanese consumption tax (8%/¥).


◆Consumables (foods, drinks, medicines, cosmetics, etc.) must be purchased at the same store on the same day, and the total spending must be 5,001JPY or more but no greater than 500,000JPY.


◆General goods(electric appliances,clothing,accessories,etc.)EXCEPT FOR consumables are exempt from consumption tax if purchased at the same store on the same day,and the total spending must be 10,001JPY or more.


*It is not exempt from tax if purchased for business and commerce.

*Some products are prohibited to import in certain countries.